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How to Manifest What You Desire

Would you like to make your desires a reality? and not have to wait so long to realize your dreams? if so, you'll find some excellent tips below on how to manifest what you desire by having the right thoughts, feelings and actions to manifest your desires with the law of attraction.
Recreate: Recreate good feelings from the past. Have you ever won something? were you excited? feel how excited you were when you won as if you have won something now. Is there something you're very proud of? that made you feel incredibly happy and ecstatic! Recreate that feeling today.

Laughter: Watching hilarious pet videos online and while you're laughing and having a great time, picture your desires as if you have them right now. Usually we think about what we want when we are aware that we don't have something and really need it and that just creates more of the same situation. But if you think about your desires when you're feeling happy and excited, they may manifest faster because you will be creating more of the same.

Imagination: You have to use your imagination. Forget about what is really going on and instead picture the life you want as if it is happening now. This doesn't have to be as challenging as it may sound. All you have to do is close your eyes, relax and picture the life you want in the present. Imagine the way it feels, how it looks, what you will do everyday with your desires having manifested. Don't push it or get frustrated if you can't hold the thought very long. Any amount of time of imagining having your desires now will propel you closer to complete manifestation.

Make Believe: If you want a new vehicle, take your dream car for a test drive, more than once. Believe it is yours. If you want a beautiful home, ask to view it and believe that you have the money to pay for it. Don't just do it once, but continue to do this over and over again until you believe it is yours. If there is something wish to purchase online, create a wish list or add all the items to your cart and picture yourself ordering everything you desire. Do this over and over again for as long as it takes. Why isn't it happening instantly? Because you are more focused on what is than what you desire. Don't forget that subconsciously you are thinking those same repetitive thoughts of not having what you want or how hard you believe it is to receive it.

Meditation: This practice helps with adding your new thoughts of the belief in the manifestation of your desires to your subconscious. This is something you'll want to do everyday, multiple times a day if you can. The key is to not feel desperate but to feel relaxed and at peace knowing your desires are yours as you meditate.

Drive-thru: When you pull into a drive-thru fast food restaurant, you may not know what you want but once you figure it out and place your order, you know you'll receive it in a few minutes because YOU KNOW you have the money to pay for it and YOU KNOW that this is the correct place to receive what you want. Now picture the things that you want as receiving them as easily as ordering from a drive-thru. YOU KNOW you will receive what you want. YOU KNOW you have the money to pay for it.

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Affirmations to Add More Love to Your Life

Below are 10 amazing affirmations to add more love into your life.
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10 Ways to Add More Love to Your Life

Below are 10 Awesome Ways to Add More Love Into Your Life Everyday.

Surround yourself with your favorite colors.
Seeing your favorite colors everywhere you look, gives an instant mood boost because it’s hard not to smile. My favorite color is pink and if my bedroom was painted pink and everything in there was pink, I’d feel instant joy and love. Also wearing your favorite colors works too, and don’t forget about to color coordinate your accessories.

Express Gratitude.
Writing down all the things you’re grateful for and reading them daily will fill your life with love and appreciation. Here is a Daily Gratitude Printable.

Create A Vision Board.
Dollar Tree has colorful boards. I always buy the pink one. Search online for images of what you’d like to manifest in your life, print them out and add them to your vision board and hang it on the wall so you can see it everyday and feel love for all the amazing things you have to look forward to.

Listen to Music.
Tired of hearing the same songs on the radio everyday like me? Make a playlist of your favorite songs on your phone that you can listen to in the car. I recommend Deezer which is offering a Free 30 Day Premium Trial. You can also make a playlist on Youtube of your favorite songs.

Random Acts of Kindness.
Doing something nice for someone else is a great way to add more love into your life. Here’s a list of 101 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.

Make a playlist on Youtube of all your favorite funny clips so you can watch them anytime you need to smile and feel joy. You can choose to set it to private, unlisted or public. I made one and I’m so happy that I did. Plus it was fun searching for funny videos.

Do something romantic for your significant other and hopefully he/she will return the favor. Here are some romantic ideas. Hugs are free. Hugs your partner as often as possible on a daily basis.

Read a self-help/self-love book.
I love how good these types of books make me feel. I feel so loved and special when I open my mind to positive thinking and new ways of viewing everyday things. If you don’t want to buy a book, you an always visit your local library.

Do something fun.
On a budget? plan a trip somewhere local. Use sites like to find super cheap hotel prices as low as $40 a night. Depending on where you live it could be even lower. Sight see around the city, find somewhere to eat that you’ve never tried before. Visit an amusement park.

Make a Collage in your Bedroom or any room.
Search online for positive quotes, cute animals, favorite celebrities, photos of you and your significant other, print them out and put them all over your bedroom wall for instant smiles and feelings of love every time you enter the room.

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Affirmations to Add More Love to Your Life

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75 Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life

Below are 75 Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life. Repeat them as often as possible and feel happy while you say these affirmations for best results.
  1. I enjoy the freedom money gives me on a daily basis.
  2. Money equals the freedom to do whatever I desire.
  3. I find it easy to bring money into my life.
  4. My wallet is bursting full with 100 dollar bills.
  5. I respect the value of money.
  6. Abundance is my first, middle and last name.
  7. I give freely to others in need and it brings me fulfillment and joy.
  8. I enjoy paying my bills because I am happy with the service I receive.
  9. I am rich, I am wealthy and I feel completely free.
  10. I receive unexpected checks in the mail all the time.
  11. Every time I use money, I receive it back multiplied.
  12. I confidently pay for what I am buying.
  13. My financial future is secure.
  14. I know there is more than enough money left after I go shopping.
  15. When I shop, I like to buy things for myself and for others.
  16. Money flows into my life easily.
  17. I am able to handle large sums of money.
  18. I choose to be financially abundant.
  19. I am free to travel wherever I desire because of my financial abundance.
  20. I wake up feeling prosperous and I go to sleep feeling prosperous.
  21. I see endless opportunities to make money effortlessly.
  22. I am a money magnet
  23. I am worthy of the abundance of money that I receive.
  24. I give value to the lives of others and I am rewarded with tremendous wealth.
  25. The Universe listens and responds to my vibration of financial abundance.
  26. I am always on the frequency of receiving more money.
  27. I am grateful for the money that I have.
  28. Money is available to me at all times.
  29. I have an financially abundant mindset.
  30. Life is so exciting and the possibilities are endless.
  31. I feel blessed for all that I have in my life.
  32. I am thankful for the abundance in my life.
  33. Everything works out perfectly for me, exceeding my expectations.
  34. I am blooming and flourishing everyday.
  35. I receive everything that I ask the Universe for and I am very grateful.
  36. I love feeling good about my financial situation.
  37. There is a huge demand for the value that I offer to others.
  38. I make more than enough money to live out all my wildest dreams.
  39. I enjoy what I do to receive money. I feel fulfilled.
  40. Attracting money is very easy for me.
  41. Money gives me the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I can dream of.
  42. I love to give and to receive.
  43. I am always finding new streams of income.
  44. My life is beautiful and relaxing.
  45. I live in my dream home and I am so very grateful.
  46. All my bills are paid on time and I feel proud.
  47. I like having a large amount of money in my wallet.
  48. I am so happy and grateful to have wealth all around me.
  49. I am financially successful in everything that I do.
  50. There is plenty of money for everyone on this planet.
  51. Wealth flows into my life easily and effortlessly.
  52. More and more wealth is on it's way to me.
  53. I am becoming more wealthy with each passing moment.
  54. I love money and money loves me.
  55. I am excellent at managing my money.
  56. I receive what I think about most.
  57. I always attract fantastic experiences and opportunities into my life.
  58. There is no limit to the amount of money I can make.
  59. I create my abundance and wealth.
  60. Life is easy for me, I have more than I need.
  61. I am aware of the right money making opportunities for me.
  62. My income is increasing more and more everyday.
  63. I visualize financial success for myself and for others.
  64. I create financially rewarding opportunities.
  65. Money flows freely and effortlessly into my life.
  66. I always think positively about money.
  67. I deserve the best in life.
  68. To attract more money, I focus on wealth.
  69. I enjoy multiple streams of passive income.
  70. I welcome large sums of money into my life regularly.
  71. I am magnetic to money and money is magnetic to me.
  72. I am grateful for the freedom that comes with financial abundance
  73. I can easily afford anything I want.
  74. My positive mindset brings me wealth and abundance.
  75. Thank You Universe for all my abundant blessings.
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100 Affirmations to Attract Your Purpose In Life

Below are 100 Affirmations to guide you to your purpose in life. Repeat these affirmations daily and truly feel them for the best results.
  1. I Am Ambitious and Courageous
  2. I Am Creative and Inspired
  3. I Am Powerful and Proud
  4. I Am Optimistic and Uplifted
  5. I Am Grateful and Thankful
  6. I Am Always Aware of What's Best for Me
  7. I Am Grateful to Be Alive
  8. I Am Enjoying My Purpose In Life
  9. I Am Surrounded By the Right People
  10. I Am Open Minded to All Possibilities
  11. I Am Prepared and Ready for Success
  12. I Believe In Myself and My Abilities
  13. I Believe I Am Worthy of Happiness
  14. I Believe I Am Valuable
  15. I Believe In Myself
  16. I Believe that the Universe Responds to My Desires
  17. I Believe I Deserve to Be Successful
  18. I Believe I Can Achieve My Desires
  19. I Believe I Am Strong and Vibrant
  20. I Believe My Abilities Are Unlimited
  21. I Know I Am Ready
  22. I Know I Am Powerful
  23. I Know I Have Any Amazing and Fulfilling Life
  24. I Know I Am Safe and Secure
  25. I Know I Can Manifest Anything I Set My Focus Upon
  26. I Know I Am Smart and Knowledgeable
  27. I Know the Universe is Limitless and I Can Create the Life of My Dreams
  28. I Know Anything is Possible For Me
  29. I Know I Am Perfect the Way I Am
  30. I Know I Am Living My Purpose Everyday
  31. I Have A Desire to Thrive
  32. I Have Amazing Ideas
  33. I Have A True Understanding of What I Desire
  34. I Have Everything That I Need
  35. I Have A Beautiful and Spectacular Life
  36. I Feel Empowered and Invigorated
  37. I Feel Energetic and Passionate
  38. I Feel I Am Living My Dream
  39. I Feel Thrilled Knowing I Am Making A Difference
  40. I Feel Exuberant and Ready to Live My Purpose Everyday
  41. I Feel Ready and Willing to Discover My Dreams
  42. I Feel Love Towards My Dreams and Accomplishments
  43. I Feel Excited for the Present and the Future
  44. I Feel Supported and Loved By Everyone
  45. I Love Knowing Who I Am
  46. I Love My Determination to Succeed
  47. I Love My Purpose In Life
  48. I Love Feeling Appreciated
  49. I Love How Easily Things Fall Into Place for Me
  50. I Love Always Being at the Right Place at the Right Time
  51. I Love Doing What I Enjoy
  52. I Love Knowing Who I Truly Am
  53. I Love All the Opportunities Available to Help Me Succeed
  54. I Love Discovering New Things About Myself
  55. I Love Being Prepared for Success
  56. I Love and Appreciate All that I Have Achieved
  57. I Love Seeing Myself Progress Magnificently
  58. I Choose to Focus on What I Desire
  59. I Choose to Create My Ideal Life
  60. I Choose to Be Myself
  61. I Choose to Seek Inspiration
  62. I Choose to Make My Dreams Come True
  63. I Choose to Believe that Everything Works Out for Me
  64. I Choose to Wake Up Ready for the Day
  65. I Choose to feel Fulfilled Everyday
  66. I Choose to Attract Supportive People in My Life
  67. I Appreciate the Work that I Do
  68. I Appreciate My Gifts and Talents
  69. I Appreciate Everyone Who Supports My Dreams
  70. I Appreciate the Joy My Works Brings Me
  71. I Appreciate the Life I Live
  72. I Appreciate the Fulfillment My Purpose Brings Me
  73. I Appreciate How Great I Feel Everyday
  74. I Appreciate All the Help I Receive
  75. I Appreciate Always Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
  76. I Am Choosing to Focus on My Desires
  77. I Am Choosing to Take Charge of My Life
  78. I Am Choosing to Go in the Direction of My Dreams
  79. I Am Choosing to Believe I Am Capable
  80. I Am Choosing to Be the Very Best Version of Myself
  81. I Am Choosing to Create My Own Paradise
  82. I Am Choosing to Love All of Myself
  83. I Am Choosing to Think Positively Everyday
  84. I Am Aware of All That I Have to Offer
  85. I Am Aware of Who I Am
  86. I Am Aware of What I Want in Life
  87. I Am Aware that I Am Brilliant
  88. I Am Aware that I Deserve the Very Best
  89. I Am Aware of the Positivity I Bring to the Lives of Others
  90. I Am Aware of My Purpose
  91. I Am Aware that Only the Perfect Outcome Awaits for Me
  92. I Am Aware that I Am Fortunate to Live This Life
  93. I Am Aware I Am Capable of Being Successful In My Purpose
  94. I Am Happy that Living My Purpose Comes Easily to Me
  95. I Am Happy to Always Find Myself in the Right Circumstances
  96. I Am Happy that I Feel Positive About Myself and Others Around Me
  97. I Am Happy to Give the Very Best of What I Have to Offer to My Purpose
  98. I Am Happy I Am Able to Communicate Well With Others
  99. I Am Happy to Wake Up Doing What I Love Everyday
  100. I Am Happy that I've Found Financial Abundance Through My Purpose
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