Thursday, January 16, 2020

100 Affirmations to Attract Your Purpose In Life

Below are 100 Affirmations to guide you to your purpose in life. Repeat these affirmations daily and truly feel them for the best results.
  1. I Am Ambitious and Courageous
  2. I Am Creative and Inspired
  3. I Am Powerful and Proud
  4. I Am Optimistic and Uplifted
  5. I Am Grateful and Thankful
  6. I Am Always Aware of What's Best for Me
  7. I Am Grateful to Be Alive
  8. I Am Enjoying My Purpose In Life
  9. I Am Surrounded By the Right People
  10. I Am Open Minded to All Possibilities
  11. I Am Prepared and Ready for Success
  12. I Believe In Myself and My Abilities
  13. I Believe I Am Worthy of Happiness
  14. I Believe I Am Valuable
  15. I Believe In Myself
  16. I Believe that the Universe Responds to My Desires
  17. I Believe I Deserve to Be Successful
  18. I Believe I Can Achieve My Desires
  19. I Believe I Am Strong and Vibrant
  20. I Believe My Abilities Are Unlimited
  21. I Know I Am Ready
  22. I Know I Am Powerful
  23. I Know I Have Any Amazing and Fulfilling Life
  24. I Know I Am Safe and Secure
  25. I Know I Can Manifest Anything I Set My Focus Upon
  26. I Know I Am Smart and Knowledgeable
  27. I Know the Universe is Limitless and I Can Create the Life of My Dreams
  28. I Know Anything is Possible For Me
  29. I Know I Am Perfect the Way I Am
  30. I Know I Am Living My Purpose Everyday
  31. I Have A Desire to Thrive
  32. I Have Amazing Ideas
  33. I Have A True Understanding of What I Desire
  34. I Have Everything That I Need
  35. I Have A Beautiful and Spectacular Life
  36. I Feel Empowered and Invigorated
  37. I Feel Energetic and Passionate
  38. I Feel I Am Living My Dream
  39. I Feel Thrilled Knowing I Am Making A Difference
  40. I Feel Exuberant and Ready to Live My Purpose Everyday
  41. I Feel Ready and Willing to Discover My Dreams
  42. I Feel Love Towards My Dreams and Accomplishments
  43. I Feel Excited for the Present and the Future
  44. I Feel Supported and Loved By Everyone
  45. I Love Knowing Who I Am
  46. I Love My Determination to Succeed
  47. I Love My Purpose In Life
  48. I Love Feeling Appreciated
  49. I Love How Easily Things Fall Into Place for Me
  50. I Love Always Being at the Right Place at the Right Time
  51. I Love Doing What I Enjoy
  52. I Love Knowing Who I Truly Am
  53. I Love All the Opportunities Available to Help Me Succeed
  54. I Love Discovering New Things About Myself
  55. I Love Being Prepared for Success
  56. I Love and Appreciate All that I Have Achieved
  57. I Love Seeing Myself Progress Magnificently
  58. I Choose to Focus on What I Desire
  59. I Choose to Create My Ideal Life
  60. I Choose to Be Myself
  61. I Choose to Seek Inspiration
  62. I Choose to Make My Dreams Come True
  63. I Choose to Believe that Everything Works Out for Me
  64. I Choose to Wake Up Ready for the Day
  65. I Choose to feel Fulfilled Everyday
  66. I Choose to Attract Supportive People in My Life
  67. I Appreciate the Work that I Do
  68. I Appreciate My Gifts and Talents
  69. I Appreciate Everyone Who Supports My Dreams
  70. I Appreciate the Joy My Works Brings Me
  71. I Appreciate the Life I Live
  72. I Appreciate the Fulfillment My Purpose Brings Me
  73. I Appreciate How Great I Feel Everyday
  74. I Appreciate All the Help I Receive
  75. I Appreciate Always Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
  76. I Am Choosing to Focus on My Desires
  77. I Am Choosing to Take Charge of My Life
  78. I Am Choosing to Go in the Direction of My Dreams
  79. I Am Choosing to Believe I Am Capable
  80. I Am Choosing to Be the Very Best Version of Myself
  81. I Am Choosing to Create My Own Paradise
  82. I Am Choosing to Love All of Myself
  83. I Am Choosing to Think Positively Everyday
  84. I Am Aware of All That I Have to Offer
  85. I Am Aware of Who I Am
  86. I Am Aware of What I Want in Life
  87. I Am Aware that I Am Brilliant
  88. I Am Aware that I Deserve the Very Best
  89. I Am Aware of the Positivity I Bring to the Lives of Others
  90. I Am Aware of My Purpose
  91. I Am Aware that Only the Perfect Outcome Awaits for Me
  92. I Am Aware that I Am Fortunate to Live This Life
  93. I Am Aware I Am Capable of Being Successful In My Purpose
  94. I Am Happy that Living My Purpose Comes Easily to Me
  95. I Am Happy to Always Find Myself in the Right Circumstances
  96. I Am Happy that I Feel Positive About Myself and Others Around Me
  97. I Am Happy to Give the Very Best of What I Have to Offer to My Purpose
  98. I Am Happy I Am Able to Communicate Well With Others
  99. I Am Happy to Wake Up Doing What I Love Everyday
  100. I Am Happy that I've Found Financial Abundance Through My Purpose
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