Thursday, January 16, 2020

75 Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life

Below are 75 Affirmations to Attract Money into Your Life. Repeat them as often as possible and feel happy while you say these affirmations for best results.
  1. I enjoy the freedom money gives me on a daily basis.
  2. Money equals the freedom to do whatever I desire.
  3. I find it easy to bring money into my life.
  4. My wallet is bursting full with 100 dollar bills.
  5. I respect the value of money.
  6. Abundance is my first, middle and last name.
  7. I give freely to others in need and it brings me fulfillment and joy.
  8. I enjoy paying my bills because I am happy with the service I receive.
  9. I am rich, I am wealthy and I feel completely free.
  10. I receive unexpected checks in the mail all the time.
  11. Every time I use money, I receive it back multiplied.
  12. I confidently pay for what I am buying.
  13. My financial future is secure.
  14. I know there is more than enough money left after I go shopping.
  15. When I shop, I like to buy things for myself and for others.
  16. Money flows into my life easily.
  17. I am able to handle large sums of money.
  18. I choose to be financially abundant.
  19. I am free to travel wherever I desire because of my financial abundance.
  20. I wake up feeling prosperous and I go to sleep feeling prosperous.
  21. I see endless opportunities to make money effortlessly.
  22. I am a money magnet
  23. I am worthy of the abundance of money that I receive.
  24. I give value to the lives of others and I am rewarded with tremendous wealth.
  25. The Universe listens and responds to my vibration of financial abundance.
  26. I am always on the frequency of receiving more money.
  27. I am grateful for the money that I have.
  28. Money is available to me at all times.
  29. I have an financially abundant mindset.
  30. Life is so exciting and the possibilities are endless.
  31. I feel blessed for all that I have in my life.
  32. I am thankful for the abundance in my life.
  33. Everything works out perfectly for me, exceeding my expectations.
  34. I am blooming and flourishing everyday.
  35. I receive everything that I ask the Universe for and I am very grateful.
  36. I love feeling good about my financial situation.
  37. There is a huge demand for the value that I offer to others.
  38. I make more than enough money to live out all my wildest dreams.
  39. I enjoy what I do to receive money. I feel fulfilled.
  40. Attracting money is very easy for me.
  41. Money gives me the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I can dream of.
  42. I love to give and to receive.
  43. I am always finding new streams of income.
  44. My life is beautiful and relaxing.
  45. I live in my dream home and I am so very grateful.
  46. All my bills are paid on time and I feel proud.
  47. I like having a large amount of money in my wallet.
  48. I am so happy and grateful to have wealth all around me.
  49. I am financially successful in everything that I do.
  50. There is plenty of money for everyone on this planet.
  51. Wealth flows into my life easily and effortlessly.
  52. More and more wealth is on it's way to me.
  53. I am becoming more wealthy with each passing moment.
  54. I love money and money loves me.
  55. I am excellent at managing my money.
  56. I receive what I think about most.
  57. I always attract fantastic experiences and opportunities into my life.
  58. There is no limit to the amount of money I can make.
  59. I create my abundance and wealth.
  60. Life is easy for me, I have more than I need.
  61. I am aware of the right money making opportunities for me.
  62. My income is increasing more and more everyday.
  63. I visualize financial success for myself and for others.
  64. I create financially rewarding opportunities.
  65. Money flows freely and effortlessly into my life.
  66. I always think positively about money.
  67. I deserve the best in life.
  68. To attract more money, I focus on wealth.
  69. I enjoy multiple streams of passive income.
  70. I welcome large sums of money into my life regularly.
  71. I am magnetic to money and money is magnetic to me.
  72. I am grateful for the freedom that comes with financial abundance
  73. I can easily afford anything I want.
  74. My positive mindset brings me wealth and abundance.
  75. Thank You Universe for all my abundant blessings.
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