Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to Manifest What You Desire

Would you like to make your desires a reality? and not have to wait so long to realize your dreams? if so, you'll find some excellent tips below on how to manifest what you desire by having the right thoughts, feelings and actions to manifest your desires with the law of attraction.
Recreate: Recreate good feelings from the past. Have you ever won something? were you excited? feel how excited you were when you won as if you have won something now. Is there something you're very proud of? that made you feel incredibly happy and ecstatic! Recreate that feeling today.

Laughter: Watching hilarious pet videos online and while you're laughing and having a great time, picture your desires as if you have them right now. Usually we think about what we want when we are aware that we don't have something and really need it and that just creates more of the same situation. But if you think about your desires when you're feeling happy and excited, they may manifest faster because you will be creating more of the same.

Imagination: You have to use your imagination. Forget about what is really going on and instead picture the life you want as if it is happening now. This doesn't have to be as challenging as it may sound. All you have to do is close your eyes, relax and picture the life you want in the present. Imagine the way it feels, how it looks, what you will do everyday with your desires having manifested. Don't push it or get frustrated if you can't hold the thought very long. Any amount of time of imagining having your desires now will propel you closer to complete manifestation.

Make Believe: If you want a new vehicle, take your dream car for a test drive, more than once. Believe it is yours. If you want a beautiful home, ask to view it and believe that you have the money to pay for it. Don't just do it once, but continue to do this over and over again until you believe it is yours. If there is something wish to purchase online, create a wish list or add all the items to your cart and picture yourself ordering everything you desire. Do this over and over again for as long as it takes. Why isn't it happening instantly? Because you are more focused on what is than what you desire. Don't forget that subconsciously you are thinking those same repetitive thoughts of not having what you want or how hard you believe it is to receive it.

Meditation: This practice helps with adding your new thoughts of the belief in the manifestation of your desires to your subconscious. This is something you'll want to do everyday, multiple times a day if you can. The key is to not feel desperate but to feel relaxed and at peace knowing your desires are yours as you meditate.

Drive-thru: When you pull into a drive-thru fast food restaurant, you may not know what you want but once you figure it out and place your order, you know you'll receive it in a few minutes because YOU KNOW you have the money to pay for it and YOU KNOW that this is the correct place to receive what you want. Now picture the things that you want as receiving them as easily as ordering from a drive-thru. YOU KNOW you will receive what you want. YOU KNOW you have the money to pay for it.

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